UK’s Battery Boom: Powering the Path to Clean Energy

UK’s Battery Boom: Powering the Path to Clean Energy

by Sean Maddison, Senior Global Commercial Director

The UK’s energy landscape is undergoing a green revolution, with renewables surging to a 43% share of electricity generation in 2023 (National Grid & Yale). However, the ambitious target of 95% by 2035 remains a steep climb.

Here’s the good news: progress is being made. Solar installations saw a 1GW jump, wind farms added 2GW, and most significantly, battery storage capacity had its best year to date adding 1.5GW – all in just one year! The government is also stepping up with the AR6 CfD round and annual Capacity Market Auctions, offering over £1 billion to kickstart new renewable projects. This vital funding helps secure financing, accelerating their path to operation.

But how do we integrate these fluctuating renewables into the grid? Enter battery storage – the hero of this clean energy story. The UK is stockpiling these energy warriors, with over 51.9GW of storage capacity already approved or planned, and a further 25.7GW on the horizon (Renewable UK). These batteries will act as a buffer, storing excess renewable energy and releasing it when demand is high, effectively replacing polluting speakers.

Our Mission: e-STORAGE is at the forefront of this battery revolution. How we are doing this in the UK?
Firstly, our company is pioneering innovative solutions that address the unique challenges of integrating fluctuating renewables into the grid. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we’re developing battery storage systems that effectively store excess renewable energy during times of surplus and release it when demand peaks. By acting as a buffer, these systems help stabilize the grid and reduce reliance on polluting energy sources.
Moreover, e-STORAGE is committed to providing comprehensive support to our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of their projects. Our team of UK experts works closely with clients to optimize project design, minimize environmental impact, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.


Our team of UK experts is dedicated to assisting clients in optimizing their projects with state-of-the-art solutions. We prioritize efficiency by minimizing project footprint and ensuring compliance with noise regulations, while also upholding the highest safety standards. Our comprehensive suite of services covers everything from turnkey construction (EPC) to ongoing maintenance, ensuring that your battery system remains operational and continues to drive your clean energy future forward. With a track record of success, including 106 MWh of storage already installed and an additional 2,027 MWh under construction, e-STORAGE stands as a trusted partner in the UK’s journey towards green energy.

Images from UK Batteries at: Briton Ferry, Flatworth, Tir John.