SolBank 3.0

SolBank 3.0

SolBank 3.0 is a containerized energy storage product, features durable LFP cells, a top-tier BMS for active balancing, and an efficient TMS, ensuring superior performance and safety.

SolBank 3.0

SolBank 3.0 is a containerized energy storage product, that features durable LFP cells, a top-tier BMS for active balancing, and an efficient TMS, ensuring superior performance and safety.

Energy Storage System
Power: 1.2 – 2.35 MW
Capacity: 5 MWh

High Energy Density

SolBank 3.0 achieves over 5MWh nominal capacity within a 20-ft container. Its dedicated design, utilizing 314 Ah battery cells, results in a remarkable 45% increase in product-level capacity.

Optimized Modular Design

Scalable modular design, made to fit any project size or application. Vertically integrated guarantees prolonged operation life and best performance throughout product’s lifecycle.

Advanced Safety Design

IP67-rated battery pack design, engineered to avoid dust, humidity, and water condensation. Multi-stage BMS monitoring and fire alarming system to minize fire safety risks.

Installation and Service Efficiency

One-way door opening for flexible configurations, all internal commoners included battery packs installed and tested in factory, reduce on-site installation costs.

General Performance
Product Model CSI-SolBank-S-5016-2h-NA Rated DC Power(2) 2350 kW
CSI-SolBank-S-5016-4h-NA 1200 kW
Battery Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate(LFP) Initial Storage Capacity(3) 4700 kWh
Pack Configuration 1P1O4S(1O4Cells) Charging/Discharging Mode 0.5 P/ 0.5 P
Rack Configuration 1 P416S(4 Packs) Duration @Rated Power 2 hrs
System Configuration 12P416S(12 Racks) Round Trip Efficiency(RTE)(4) 93%, 94%
Nominal DC Voyage 1331.2V Max. Short Circuit Current 10 kA* 12, 10 kA* 12
Operation DC Voltage Range(1) 1 164.8V- 1497.6V
Certifications UL1973, UL9540, UL9540A, UN38.3/UN3536
Design Standards/Codes NFPA855, NFPA69, NFPA72, NFPA70E, optional NFPA68
Mechanical Safety
Enclosure 20ft. high-cube container Fire Detection and Alarm Fire alarm panel, heat and smoke detection, alarm bell and strobe
Dimensions (L*W*H) 6058*2438’2896mm (238.50*95.98*1 14.02 in) Explosion Prevention Combustible gas detector with active ventilation
Weight (Battery Included) 38,200 kg (84,217 lbs) Uninterrupted Power Reserve Container level UPSfor2-hr control system backup; dedicated fire safety UPS for 24hr fire alarm backup
Enclosure Ingress Rating IP55/ NEMA3R Fire Suppression Options Aerosol-based suppression system, dry pipe sprinkler system
Painting/Coating RAL9003/ C4 Coating Emergency Stop/Automatic Shut—off Local and Remote
Seismic Parameter Zone 4
Noise @1 m distance 75 dB @1 m distance
Aux Systems Circuit Diagram
Auxiliary Power Interface AC480 V/ 60 Hz, 3P5W Aux System Image
Thermal Management System Smart liquid cooling/heating for battery system
Aux Load (Standby/Peak) 1.5 kVA/ 50 kVA(0.5P), 1.5 kVA/ 22 kVA(0.25P)
Operating Temperature (Ambient) -30°C to 55°C (derating from 45°C to 55°C)
Relative Humidity 95% (non-condensing)
Altitude < 2000 m (derating from 2000 m to 4000 m)
Internal Communication Interface Ethernet connection ModbusTCP/IP protocol


  1. The unit is rated at 1 8V-1497.6V for optimized product performance, the maximum voltage range for the battery system is 1 060.8V-1497.6V
  2. Rated DC Power is measured at product DC terminal, the Rated DC Power and Initial Storage Capacity  limited to the use of two SolBank 0
  3. Initial Storage the usable product capacity at FAT, contact e-Storage for capacity at COD per project schedule
  4. DC RTE is measured during capacity test at Rated DC Power, refer to the product warranty document for the complete procedure.

The technical specifications in this document are subject to slight variations. Canadian Solar does not guarantee absolute accuracy due to ongoing innovation and product enhancements. We reserve the right to update this technical data without prior notice. Customers should refer to the most recent version of this document when finalizing contracts, ensuring it forms part of the binding agreement.