Energy Storage Challenges and Solutions – A UK Case Study

Energy Storage Challenges and Solutions – A UK Case Study

By Richard Batty, Technical Manager

From the initial stages, we collaborate closely with clients, guiding them through the design, sizing, and implementation processes. Our deep understanding of their primary challenges enables us to devise solutions and secure project approvals effectively. We are addressing these challenges through product design with our latest product iteration, SolBank 3. 0. Let’s delve into four key market challenges we’ve identified and explore how we’re addressing them:

1. Optimize Project Investment.

This is an enduring requirement, and we understand the significance of optimizing project investment for sustainable energy solutions. We are addressing this requirement via: Upgraded battery: SolBank 3.0 utilizes 314 Ah battery cells and compact integration, increasing single container energy density up to 45% > Move to longer-duration storage. BoP costs including civils, cabling, installation, and commissioning are much reduced due to requiring fewer battery containers

2. Efficient use of land.

We are noticing that battery sites are becoming smaller so the challenge is to make the equipment fit particularly with the move from 1 Hr to 2 Hr batteries which has already happened and the emerging requirement for 4 hr battery solutions. Our strategies:
Optimized Layout for Operations and Maintenance and Fire
Safety : all components installed and verified in the factory,limited installation work on site.
All key cable connections – DC, Auxiliary, and Communication – are conveniently centralized at the “installer interface” for ease of access and efficiency Simplified maintenance with access required from the front and one side for commissioning and servicing Scalable modular design, made to fit any project size or application , where spacing is confirmed by Heat Flux Analysis

3. Increased emphasis on fire safety.

As battery storage deployments are increasing, and some are moving into the cities and towns, there is a valid increased emphasis on fire safety. There are several interested parties in these discussions including planning authorities, local fire departments, and insurance companies. Safety has always been at the forefront of our operations, and fire safety is an area where we set ourselves apart. Our advanced fire prevention and safety measures ensure that e-STORAGE projects not only deliver on efficiency but also adhere to the highest safety standards.
Therefore, our new SolBank 3.0 units include:
Complete fire propagation verification from cell, module (pack)to unit level based on the latest UL 9540A: 2019 (4th Edition).

Explosion prevention systems via gas detection and active ventilation.
Integrated multi-level BMS monitoring and fire detection, units to provide timely reports of battery status and fire detection
Linked actions with other system components
Multiple layers of monitoring and fire detection for enhanced safety and fire control systems.
Redundant design ensures reliability throughout the product life cycle.

4. Increased emphasis on noise requirements.

As battery storage deployments are increasing, and some are moving into the cities and towns, there is a valid increased emphasis on the noise level experienced by surrounding houses. How we mitigate the noise requirements:
By integrating both mechanical enhancements and softwarecontrol strategies,
Leading to an overall improvement in noise management for our BESS solution.
SolBank 3.0 smart cooling control results in less frequent and more efficient cooling of batteries.
Our proactive approach to tackling key challenges in the UK market has yielded success. By comprehensively understanding our customers’ challenges and introducing innovative solutions, we continuously refine and adapt our products to meet evolving market needs. This ensures our adaptability and success in navigating this dynamic landscape. Looking ahead, our commitment remains steadfast in staying ahead of the curve and delivering exceptional value to our customers.