e-STORAGE's Robust Value Proposition in Turnkey EPC Services and Long-Term Support

e-STORAGE is a subsidiary of Canadian Solar  and a leading company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and integration of battery energy storage systems for utility-scale applications. The Company offers its own proprietary LFP battery solution, SolBank, comprehensive EPC services complemented by Long-Term Service Agreements (LTSA), and innovative solutions aimed at improving grid operations, integrating clean energy, and contributing to a sustainable future.

Our dedicated international team has a proven track record of delivering global projects on time and within budget. Positioned as a solid, competent, bankable, and reliable choice, we are the trusted partner for clients seeking dependable solutions for their energy storage needs.

One-stop-value: e-STORAGE:

We provide end-to-end energy storage solutions and services, facilitated by our advanced products and strong manufacturing capabilities. Employing an integrated approach and value-added services, we ensure smooth project execution, covering every stage from concept to completion. This results in a streamlined and efficient experience for our clients. Our all-encompassing value proposition revolves around end-to-end energy storage solutions and services, powered by our state-of-the-art products and resilient manufacturing capabilities.


Project Planning

Conceptual design

System Performance


Capacity Sizing

Site Planning



Product Development

Battery Pack Manufacturing

Battery Energy Storage Solution / Container Manufacturing

Battery Management Systems and Controls

International Standards Certifications


Project Implementation

EPC Turnkey Contracting

Integration & Commissioning

Plant Controllers & Telemetry

Regulatory Engagements

Safety Planning

Supply Chain Management & Logistics



Long-Term Service Agreements

Remote Operation Monitoring

Plant Optimization

Spare Parts Management

Integrating Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Our Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) are designed for seamless integration, optimizing project performance and economics. We prioritize meticulous project sizing and minimize capital expenditure through strategic augmentation. Our design methodology ensures the selection of equipment that meets local and technical requirements while remaining highly customizable. The e-STORAGE solutions are designed to deliver the required capacity and performance standards.

In execution, our integrated BESS supply encompasses critical elements, including the Engineering Design Package, efficient procurement, and delivery of equipment, commissioning services, and unwavering technical support.


Integrating Battery Energy Storage Solutions: Our Methodology:


Project Sizing

We size the project to meet all technical specifications all while considering project economics and financing requirements.

Minimize Capex by advancing the first augmentation.

Multiple augmentations to optimize the NPV of Opex.


Design Methodology

Selecting equipment that meets local requirements and best suits the project’s technical requirements.

Augmentation schemes are customizable and technology agnostic.

BESS is designed to meet capacity and other performance guarantees.



Engineering Design Package for the BESS, including as-built drawings.

Procurement and delivery of BESS equipment.

Commissioning Services, product documentation and technical support


In the realm of EPC services, we provide adaptable turnkey options, carefully tailored to suit the project’s pragmatic and cost-efficient contracting needs. Furthermore, we can function as the exclusive contact point for the entire service spectrum, streamlining the coordination process and offering several advantages:


Elimination of scope gaps

Mitigation of project schedule risks

Efficient management of the supply chain and associated risks

Our EPC services offer versatile turnkey solutions tailored to the project’s pragmatic and cost-efficient contracting requirements, with the added benefit of serving as a single point of contact across the entire service spectrum, ensuring seamless coordination, and delivering advantages such as eliminating scope gaps, mitigating project schedule risks, and efficiently managing the supply chain.

Typical EPC Scope

Project management

BESS & BOP design, integration & supply

Training and documentation

Engineering studies & Regulatory Engagements

Permits and approvals


Site logistics and plan





Fire and Emergency Response Plans

Equipment Procurement

Operations & Maintenance

e-STORAGE provides customers with comprehensive LTSA services, offering tailor-made long-term agreements, efficient warranty management, performance assurance, capacity maintenance options, round-the-clock NERC/FERC compliant monitoring, and end-of-life system decommissioning support, all aimed at delivering enduring operational excellence and peace of mind throughout your project’s lifespan.

Our adaptable Long-Term Service Agreement Packages leverage our extensive experience and expertise to support your project throughout its lifecycle, offering flexibility in services, robust warranties and guarantees to ensure top-notch operational standards.

Briefly, on our LTSA:

Warranty Management: Let e-STORAGE track and manage the headache of product warranties, so you don't have to.

Performance Guarantees: so you know operations are performing as they should.

Augmentation Schemes available to maintain the capacity level over the project life.

O&M with a dedicated 24/7 NERC/FERC compliant monitoring facility

Remote Monitoring

One of the e-STORAGE team’s most valuable services is the proactive monitoring of system performance around the clock, which ensures reliable storage capacity availability and safeguards your sustainable investment.

Our predictive maintenance strategy ensures that storage capacity is reliably available when it is needed, thus safeguarding your investment in a particularly sustainable way, namely:

Active remote monitoring of system performance 24/7/365 via our NERC registered Operations Control Center (OCC).

Maintenance & Spare Parts Management of all system components.

Trouble-free system communication in accordance with the latest safety regulations.

Flexible Availability & performance guarantees.

Monitoring Center

In our monitoring center, we constantly check the performance of your plant around the clock

Fast on-site service.

Optimized system performance.

Live system status information.

Safe-guarding against potential revenue losses.

Our holistic approach encompasses comprehensive maintenance, efficient spare parts management, compliant system communication, and flexible performance guarantees, all fortified by our vigilant monitoring center to enhance system performance and safeguard your revenue.


Project Execution Services

e-STORAGE offers comprehensive Project Execution Services encompassing engineering, procurement, and construction, ensuring efficient project management from design and permits to installation and commissioning, delivering seamless solutions to meet your energy storage needs.


BOP design

Engineering studies

Permits and approvals


Fire and Emergency Response plans


Major equipment supply

BOP supply



Site logistics and plan




Augmentation Schemes

e-STORAGE offers an Augmentation scheme option to keep your project at maximum performance for years to come. Augmentation helps offset degradation and keep the BESS performing consistently over the life of a project. Key Highlights of our Augmentation Schemes:

Augmentation increases site capacity beyond the initial expectations.

Augmentation plans can be incorporated right from the project's outset.

Owners can augment capacity as required, benefiting from cost curve reductions.

Technology-neutral augmentation solutions.

Owners have the flexibility to renew their LTSA with variable contract durations.


e-STORAGE: Where Team Competence Meets Competitive Value

The e-STORAGE team stands out in the energy storage industry for several key reasons. As a subsidiary of Canadian Solar, we benefit from a robust foundation and the advantage of producing our own cutting-edge SolBank energy storage solutions. What truly sets us apart, however, is our commitment to offering turnkey Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) solutions, coupled with Long-Term Service Agreements (LTSA). Our dedication to comprehensive solutions is backed by a seasoned international team with a remarkable track record for consistently delivering projects on time and within budget.

Our positioning in the market is clear and unwavering. We are synonymous with solidity, competence, bankability, and reliability, making us the trusted choice for clients seeking a partner they can depend on for their energy storage needs.