Energy Storage

SolBank is a Containerized Energy Storage Product designed and manufactured by e-STORAGE.

SolBank’s battery system uses durable and high cycle capacity LFP cells, with the management of an industry-leading active balancing Battery Management System (BMS), along with an innovative liquid+air cooling Thermal management system (TMS) to ensure the optimal safety design with high energy density.


Our Energy Storage Solutions

We are manufacturing battery solutions that redefine industry standards and exceed expectations, setting new benchmarks in efficiency, reliability, and innovation.

Power: 1.2 - 2.35 MW Capacity: 5 MWh

Power: 0.78 - 1.54 MW Capacity: 3.3 MWh

Power: 0.70 - 1.37 MW Capacity: 2.9 MWh

Rated Duration: 1.5 to 4+ hours

SolBank 3.0

SolBank 3.0 is a containerized energy storage product, that features durable LFP cells, a top-tier BMS for active balancing, and an efficient TMS, ensuring superior performance and safety.

Energy Storage System
Power: 1.2 – 2.35 MW
Capacity: 5 MWh

High Energy Density

SolBank 3.0 achieves over 5MWh nominal capacity within a 20-ft container. Its dedicated design, utilizing 314 Ah battery cells, results in a remarkable 45% increase in product-level capacity.

Optimized Modular Design

Scalable modular design, made to fit any project size or application. Vertically integrated guarantees prolonged operation life and best performance throughout product’s lifecycle.

Advanced Safety Design

IP67-rated battery pack design, engineered to avoid dust, humidity, and water condensation. Multi-stage BMS monitoring and fire alarming system to minize fire safety risks.

Installation and Service Efficiency

One-way door opening for flexible configurations, all internal commoners included battery packs installed and tested in factory, reduce on-site installation costs.

SolBank 2.0

SolBank is a containerized energy storage product with durable LFP cells, BMS for active balancing, and liquid+air cooling TMS, ensuring safety and high energy density.

Energy Storage System
Power: 0.78 – 1.54 MW
Capacity: 3.3 MWh

Cost-effective and long service life

Battery pack IP65 seal grade, avoid dust, moisture and water condensation

Liquid cooling technology with cell temperatures being controlled within the optimal operating range

Multi-stage thermal spread technology, effectively prevents battery heat spread and improves safety

SolBank 1.0

SolBank is a modular, flexible, and cost-effective MWh-scale battery energy storage system. Multiple SolBanks could be connected in parallel.

Energy Storage System
Power: 0.7 – 1.37 MW
Capacity: 2.9 MWh

Thorough design for the highest fire safety and explosion prevention

Reduced onsite work, all components shipped with the product

Extended battery life with proven long-life track record cells and 20 years warranty

Advanced battery management with centralized control, helps optimize the balance of the battery.

Power Block

e-STORAGE Power Block is the core of a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) optimized for cost, performance and bankability. This best-in-class solution provides a direct medium voltage AC interface), MV transformer, inverter, battery enclosures, controls and communication.

Energy Storage System
Rated Duration: 1.5 to 4+ hours
Rated Useable Capacity: 4.8 MWh to 20+ MWh

Vertically integrated with certified building block (UL9540, IEC62933)

Modular and scalable solution tailored per specific project needs

Comprehensive performance and availability guarantee

Pre-commissioning compatibility verified between all major equipment of the solution

Site level studies and thorough safety design

AI powered BESS control and optimization

SolBank Specifications

High Energy Density:

SolBank 3.0 achieves over 5MWh nominal capacity within a 20-ft container, marking a 45% increase in product-level capacity. Extraordinary energy density of 338 kWh/m2 results in a 12% reduction in space and installation costs, making it a highly efficient and cost-effective energy storage solution.

Installation and Service Efficiency

SolBank 3.0 prioritizes efficiency with a one-way door opening for flexible configurations. Centralized chiller and DMC placement minimizes side clearance, ensuring spatial efficiency. For a 100MWh project, expect a substantial 35% reduction in foot print compared to the last generation, demonstrating a commitment to increased project efficiency.

Advanced BMS

SolBank 3.0 incorporates a cutting-edge algorithm for a 50% boost in data accuracy compared to traditional systems, enabling a 20% faster detection of abnormal activity and automatic system shutdown. The triple-layer BMS ensures comprehensive monitoring and control for enhanced safety, enabling early diagnosis of critical component abnormalities and ensuring prompt automated system shut down for proactive safety measures.

Flexible Capacity Guarantee

SolBank 3.0 excels in efficiency and degradation management, offering a flexible capacity guarantee tailored to each project's needs. Handles consecutive cycles without power derating and minimal temperature rise. Streamlined manufacturing and testing processes reducing installation and commissioning time by 30% and maximizing customer revenue

Fire Safety Design

A dedicated BMS monitoring and alarms, highly efficient cooling system, separated cabinet for DMC to reduce fire risk. Advanced battery pack thermal structure design with multi-level fire alarm system, to effectively minimize potential thermal runaway within the smallest scale.

High Availability and String-Level Management

SolBank 3.0 guarantees an availability rate exceeding 98%, emphasizing reliability for continuous operation. Active balance during operation and automatic single-string switch on and off, coupled with support for string-level management, enhances flexibility and adaptability